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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  April 9, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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melissa lee joins us. what is on tap. >> as you know huge rally across the board. tonight we're asking which stocks would they fade, which they would sell. >> over to you guys. >> fast money starts now. we start off with a market alert. today stocks jumps. nasdaq is leading the charts. powering higher, facebook closing on more than 7%. here's the chief operating officer had to say on the today show. >> you have unloaded about half of your facebook stock and some people say is she planning to leave facebook soon. >> i'm glad you raised this. a good chunk of what was sold was all for taxes. there's confusion on that. i have plans to stay at facebook. i love my job. >> that's not the only reason the stock is higher. we have got an analyst to
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explain. here tonight, pete, kate and guy. what did you make of the move today? >> with monday, we sat here and subsequent selloff on monday. i said i think it's an extreme move on friday. we talked about the technicals and 1834 but went on to say it was too early in the month and the market is going to bounce. i think it will probably continue tomorrow. we'll see what happens on friday. this makes perfect sense to me in terms of what we talked about. we're getting the old names. a lot of these stocks in terms of corrections 50% correct if you want to get in technicals. it makes sense to me. >> there seemed to be a break between the old and new technology names and today it was both leading the way. not only did we have the newer names but also the ibms and microsofts. >> this is what we saw in
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2013672013. there was no bifurcation. we saw high fliers and growth names come in and come in hard. we saw the rotation into some more defensive large cap names. to me, i think that investors showed their hand on some of these high fliers. we're going to look back this year and say that was the moment some of these names aren't going to work. some are going to try to make new highs. some may do it. facebook is probably one of them. offmay see yelp or pandora never do it again. >> pete? >> the market has been in the incredible ranges. 1885 on the upper end. look at the volatility. close to 13. today we dip under 14 after that spike. you get to 15.5. when you look at monday, one of the things that stuck out as bad
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as everything looked, there were huge buyers in certain areas that made you scratch your head. quad qs was a great example. you get the quad q. over 55,000 of those trade. that happened late in the day. folks are looking for what guy is talking about, some kind of bounce, maybe some sort of a reaction, rebound from this hard core selling. pandora is another one of those crazy names. somebody comes out and buys 25,000 upside call spreads. that's huge paper. tells me there was a point no time when folks said this is enough. >> that's when you had bought. >> yes. a surprise for my portfolio. now it's jumped back. i look more broadly at the stuff i own and some of the stuff i like just got crushed in the last week or so. this is not enough of a bounce back for me to want to take anything off. i would sell a little s&p or
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buy -- pete was noting the volatility index coming back where we like to put on protection. and the strength in some of the tech names wasn't that impressive given the down draft they had. >> twitter was up 1.7% and had been trading terribly. >> google, amazon, netflix were all down. but it wasn't until the fed minutes came out and then they got going. they obviously trade -- not google. but at some challenged valuations. they're not in the class of the smaller names. we highlighted pandora monday. there was up side buying. and linked in that day, too. the stocks were down 30%, 40% in a month. it looked like the opportunity to take a shot to the up side. >> facebook shares up more than 7% is the best day since january 30th and analyst comments from
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advertisers. let's bring in managing director. great to see you. we did play a clip from cheryl sandberg saying she has no plans to leave. would that have been a risk in your view? >> it would be. she's such a big leader there. we have been hearing a lot. i think the reason was the stock was up was a call with nanigans. that call said during the quarter which was going rough, all of a sudden reversed and accelerated. such that it looks like the numbers are going to be better. you would think this quarter would be down sequentially. it looks like it's flat. in the internet world that's a huge deal. >> also from the data, ad prices were up quarter on quarter. that sort of the alleviates the pressure from facebook. >> the greatest concerns are ad loads. so the fact that ad loads were stable and pricing was up is a
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big driver. what's really driving that underneath are the rois. they talked about 4 xrois. >> stocks at this level 14% from the all time high. >> yeah. >> what are you going looking for? >> we're a little bit higher on the top lines north of $2.4 billion and margins around 50% or so. these acquisitions. as long as the top line is hitting and being driven by pricing it's going to be a good story. >> what about google from that data. >> not really. a little bit of a read-through to twitter. but we held a different call today with twitter. the big number will be people using it more and looks like that data could be pressured. >> are you getting questions from investors? they made $21 billion of
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acquisitions. none of these companies make money. could they go out and make these sorts of acquisitions in a quarter where they just laid an egg? is that something you're getting questioned on? >> we see both sides of the argument. let's use our stock while it's high. or you see people saying we feel confident giving stock at this point. the $19 billion acquisition, only for the first time ever as investors seen the power of scale. facebook had one billion users and no mobile product. in six quarters all of a sudden over 50% of their revenue. it shows the power when you have that huge scale. >> thanks for coming by. thanks. >> facebook? >> i like facebook. when it got down to 56, i was not looking at it. i didn't see this bounce coming as fast as it has back to 62.
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i have missed it maybe. but i think i might get a second chance so i'm going to wait. >> we're getting a news alert on facebook. let's get to morgan in l.a. >> facebook spokesperson confirming they are moving their messages out of the original facebook app and on to the stand alone messenger app on your phone. this is going to take place over the next couple of weeks encouraging users to download that second messenger app. some folks not feeling too happy about having two facebook apps on your phone. but the reason this is important for facebook is this solidifies its strategy in messaging and building out a family of stand alone apps. pending what's out, instagram, now this messenger app. this is facebook creating more real estate state on your phone. >> thanks for that. we had a big bounce today. momentum names in particular
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bouncing. so we're asking tonight which stocks would you actually fade here on this bounce. we want to go around the horne and see what's on the old list. pete? >> one of the names that really has moved in the last couple of days is caesers. look at the stock. very huge short interest right now. i don't see what the good news is. because of that, i think you can move to the up side. >> dan? >> yelp, i just don't get. the stock almost had a selloff about 40%. it bounced today. before this afternoon, the bounce was enemic. i think you're going to see lower lows in this one. i'm going to give it more time. but this is one i don't think the entry are very high. >> peter are you short on caesers? >> no. we saw the 20 april calls. sometimes that could be
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deceivi deceiving. >> karen. >> it would be spiders. the names that i have that bounce back. the down draft was way overdone. i still think there's up side. >> i think ibm and i said it about a week or so ago that i thought 195 sell it and 196. i think the same thing. we can disagree on this. they have issues and legacy hardware issues they have to resolve. i don't think they have the visibility they used to have. i understand given where they think earnings are going to be it's cheap on evaluation basis. it held that 175 level three times. you hear people say there's no such thing as a triple top or bottom. but there clearly is a triple bottle. >> brian marshwould you be a ses
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stock? >> yes. because of all the points you brought up. now that it's got up to 196. i think this is an area where it's going to fail. >> one company is reaping the benefits. we have got the ceo next. plus seeing some unusual activity in one stock. naming names next. mine was earned in korea in 1953. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance
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let's get an earnings alert on bed bath and beyond. >> reporting earnings after the bell. earnings and revenue in line with expectations. $1.60 in earnings. $3.2 billion in revenue for q 4. guidance lower than expectations. comparable sales at 1.7% versus 2.5%. back in early march the company did cut its earnings guidance blaming disruptive weather. shares down 4% after hours. >> thanks so much. one group that didn't participate fully in today's rally considering the gains on
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the s&p 500me. retail in general didn't do too well. >> bed bath and beyond had a bit of a bounce. the first quarter wasn't disastrous. maybe 7%. how do you trade it? if it starts pushing to 62.5 to 63 i think you buy it. valuation-wise it's not ridiculously expensive and you might get a bounce off of. >> it's not that expensive trading relative to itself which is it's own pe history. >> google and amazon go ahead to head. which company will come out on top? it might not be the one you think. red hat is what you use when purchasing on and doubling down on the cloud right now. joining us is jim, the ceo and
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president of red hat. great to see you again. >> great to see you. >> we have seen a round of price cuts here battling with each other. how does that affect you if at all? >> in general that's good for us as kind of arm's pride eprovide sit on top of amazon and google. as they lower the prices of hardware it makes buying a red hat solution even lower cost. it's quite good for us. >> it's better because it encourages people to use the cloud more and you benefit indirectly? >> well, it both encourages people to use cloud more and lower cost means buying our software sitting on top of amazon or google is lower cost. they lower the cost of providing
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the infr the infrastructure. >> are we nearing the end? is pricing starting to plateau? >> i don't think so. i think you're seeing google and amazon being farsighted. chips get more and more powerful. i think both companies are pricing into morris law. my impression is they're potentially pricing below cost because they know by the time they're delivering those services, their costs will come down below that. it puts a ton of pressure for on premises hardware providers but for customers it's a great thing. >> i want to talk to you about what you said in your most recent quarter about a week or so. your stock took a tumble. analysts were questioning what was going on. jpmorgan was saying the lowered
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guidance implies modest declines. it's either conservative or what is going on in the marketplace. which is it in your view? >> i think you have to look at our total guidance. we did guide revenue growth about 14%. it's a backward looking measure for us. we sold subscriptions. it's equalled to our deferred revenue or balance sheet which grew about 14%. we took up our cash flow guidance. we also took down our margin. if we say we're getting more heavily in the business but generating more cash, that's a bullish signal on what we think our earnings are going to do. >> that was exactly what i wanted to address was the margins issue. you're talking about a lot more spend going into it and yet you think your margins are going to be able to increase? >> yes said the margins are a measure of a profitabilitier sus
5:19 pm
revenues. what we said going into next year. we've got to take our margins down and cash flow guidance up. we collect cash and bill customers. the revenue comes out over the next year as we recognize daily after the fact. so we're going to invest heavily but take our cash flow guidance up. we thought was a pretty bullish indicator. >> thanks for joining us. >> happy to be here. >> the ceo of red hat. compared to the nasdaq it has not done well over the past 12 months. >> it had a monster three years into 2012 and tapered off. the valuation is close to 30 times its earnings now. the margins are interesting to me. they did take it down to 21% for the right reasons. >> how do you know that?
5:20 pm
>> he just said it. >> look at the last three quarters. gaps all over this chart. to me, i don't understand -- maybe that's correct. i just don't know. it's sitting at the mid point between the range it's been in between 41 and 61. the jury is still out on this one. >> i have to take him for his word. >> yeah, you do. >> with that said, i think he did it for the right reasons. they're going to spend more and see visibility in the business which may be justified some valuations they see. >> breaking news on allie financial. >> we're getting word from sources that aly priced the sources at $25 a share. it does raise roughly $2.38 billion for ally. those will go to treasury which only needs $1.9 billion to break even on its bailout of ally.
5:21 pm
they have recouped $15.3 billion so far. is it the low end? it is a win for treasury. if it trades well, underwriters can sell up to 14 million more shares. $25 a share for ally. >> 25 bucks a share. how do you think it would trade or would you buy it? >> i feel it will be heavy. you still have an overhang. the government is not out. the one thing, it is a small discount to thank jibl book value. i don't think you need to rush out into this. >> another major car recall. the details after this break. later from smart watches to smart bowls. he is bringing toys, including that aforementioned smart bowl. back in two. as part of your service,
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some unusual activity. pee pete has been watching the energy space. >> mrc global. they do different things servicing into the energy industry. look at the calls today and the june 30 calls. plenty of activity. now spun off in 2012. never seen it pop up before. i see all this activity far over the open interests in both of these two different strikes. when you look at it, over 6,500 combined certainly stood out today. >> toyota taking a low today.
5:26 pm
recalling 6 million vehicles worldwide. phil. >> another big recall involving toyota. it's a couple of recalls and the total number, it looks huge. we're talking about the commonality of parts spread out around the world. you have 6.76 million recalled. a total of 27 models. we're not going to list them all. some populars are on here. kor roll la and the vehicles depending on the recall and model were built between 2004 and 2013. involving potential faulty airbag that may not activate. seat rails that might become cracked. there are no known accidents or deaths surrounding these recalls. toyota is determining exact repairs that will be involved here. remember, when you do a recall, you don't exactly have to have the fix. you just have to say there's an issue, we will be fixing it.
5:27 pm
this is the second biggest recall when it comes to issues involving unintended acceleration. take a look at shares last year. a 52 week low in terms of trading today. let's throw up a chart of general motors. it was the call from morgan stanley saying go underweight on these guys and move the price target down to 33 that has people talking about whether or not this is a bottom and from here, it only can go higher. whether it goes higher, two months, a year from now, that's the big debate. those are the two stocks getting attention in the auto arena. >> i never understood it. they have a recall. toyota and gm. 6.2 million cars. how many actually come in? >> how many get fixed? >> yeah. >> historically looking at 65% to 70% will actually get fixed. most owners, especially people who have older vehicles, six,
5:28 pm
seven, eight-year-old vehicles, a lot of the people are like i don't want to go to the dealer, is this really that important. i'm going to blow it off. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> general malaise in the auto sector. >> malaise, we were thinking -- >> that would have been smart. >> but i mean -- >> ford was down today, gm was down today. toyota was down today. >> some of the morgan stanley thoughts he had were not specific to gm. it's up but also, so they would apply to everyone. >> pretty good. should have been clever enough to realize you're not smart enough to think that quickly. >> i'm not. >> gm, it finally broke. we talked the more likely it was
5:29 pm
to trade through. i think pete thinks it might get down to 32.5. he might be right. >> the news keeps on coming every single day. the one thing in the world that dan and i are looking at, if you go out in the chain and look in january, volatility is just not there. it's nice and low. you can buy protection right now. this is a fireman's style thing where you're buying the stock because you like it. you think the stock is going to rally but going to take multiple month but buy some options to protect yourself. very cheap to be able to do that. >> coming up next, what do bowels, watches and health monitors have in common. always looking to step up its game if the world of technologies. the latest products like this one onset to try on when the man behind the devices joins us live next.
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make it happen with fidelity active trader pro. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. call or click to open your fidelity account today.
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welcome back to "fast money." we are live in times square. looking to step up the growth in the tech space. the world's largest chip maker.
5:33 pm
just a few weeks back. worked for apple for 18 years. mike, great to have you with us. >> great to be here. >> let's start off with the watch. i feel like everybody has one of these watches out. they look like old casio watches. how is intel going to differentiate itself when it has this generic looking wearable. >> it isn't that watch. it's the technology inside of it. by buying that company,any, we an amazing group of people ahead of the industry on what they have done and some amazing technology. so we can take that and repurpose it through a whole set of devices. >> you're in charge of this new devices at intel. when you think of intel you don't think of anything that can be bought from the consumer side or business side unless it's a chip? >> right. >> you came from apple. why do you think intel would go into this business and bother to
5:34 pm
compete against apple? >> our goal is to build the part that everyone uses in all of your wearables. we'll be providing reference designs and software and chips for people building devices like that. our goal is to have our stuff in everybody's devices not just one. >> what do you think that will do that will wow us? >> i think it's time for the reality to live up to the hype. you're getting where the battery is long enough to do cool things. one of the reason i liked it so much is it can tell you your sleep patterns or if you're feeling tired. if you got a good night sleep. it could give you some pointers about how you're feeling during the day. this is something i think you'll see going forward. >> talk to us about the smart bowl. >> sure. >> it doesn't sound like a smart device. >> this was the hit of ces. my boss showed it at his keynote. the idea is as you build more and more smart devices, the last
5:35 pm
thing you want is ten more plug-ins. well, this is a charger. the idea is you would take a device like that and literally just drop it in the bowl. >> put your device in there. >> which one? >> yeah. there's my device. fits right in the old bowl. >> there you go. >> will it charge any device? >> any device that matches that standard it will charge. it's not specific to a vendor. but i expect you'll see over the next years many devices will have that capability. >> look down the road in terms of wearables. it seems to look like a watch or something like a watch. what is going to be out there that we're not thinking of? >> i can't talk about what we're doing. but i think the best technology is invisible technology. until these devices really solve the problem, they're going to be
5:36 pm
kind of a gimmick. they need to look as good as they function. >> not look like this? no offense but -- >> we've partnered with the council of fashion designers of america to really help bridge technology in fashion so that your next smart watch might look just like a high-end swiss watch today but do something with high tech inside of it. i think that's when we all win, when the technology looks as good as it works. >> but in terms -- the way to understand is you're putting out these devices to show other manufacturers what can be done and you think you will sell more chips? >> in this business you can't just provide the chip. we are a systems company. we do software. we do hardware, the chips, the design. so we're going to build -- i'll call them reference designs. any company can come to us and use that as the basis for their
5:37 pm
own product and we get our technology across the board. >> thanks for coming by. mike bell of intel. >> my phone is 100% charged now. >> well, it's not plugged in. this is one of these quote, unquote, old technology stocks if we can call it that. that has had a real good move lately. >> mike, everybody has told me this company is dead and going nowhere. i have disagreed with them. because of guys like you, the hirings of people like you and also getting themselves in the mobile. maybe you're late but getting into mobile. it's a huge growth area. this is just one little element i think moving you forward making it kind of cool technology where people don't think of intel in that way. >> it's outperforming a lot of its peers. i think the hope they're going to get that watch right any time soon i don't think is the right call. if they really can demonstrate a
5:38 pm
move to mobile and away from the pc over time then it has the ability to transform itself. >> big movers of the day. monster beverage. monster pop. >> you get all the mum bow jumbo. there's one reason. jay jay flash sitting on the hook yesterday. we had a whole conversation. short interest. coke might buy them, blah, blah, blah. there's the stock. >> jay jay flash other wise known as john. hershey down 3%. karen. >> gold man sax lowered the company to a sell. >> drop down 7%. >> definitely disappointed. this is a stock traded 440 just march 31st. had a huge spike. i don't think you need to jump in. but i like this name if it gets
5:39 pm
back towards that level. >> and dog training. forget frisbees. on tuesday morning this four-legged free spirit chased a transit train from the bronx to manhatt manhattan. they spotted the dog and authorities able to rescue the pooch and now attempt to track down her owners. >> maybe it was -- was it a her? >> i guess so. >> maybe there was a cute boy dog on the back of the train. >> on the back of the train. maybe. >> it's a family show. >> shares of fireeye heating up today. traders are betting the stock continuing to stay hot. >> calls outnumber erred 5-1ed to. when the stock without about 55. a trader bought 3,000 of the may 55 calls. paying $6 for those. the break even is at 61.
5:40 pm
up about 11%. when you look at the chart over here, this is a company that ipoed last september. it's still up 29% on the year. i guess if you're going to make a sort of defined risk that this is the way to do it in a name, in a sector that is on a lot of investors -- it's on a lot of investors radar as far as valuation. there's one of the kpat ters. imperva is down 40% after missing earnings. this stock is down a couple percent. i guess this is the way to do it with the fine risk. >> it sounds like you would not play the stock? >> i would not. i didn't know anything fundament fundamental, i would say that level is a great level to take a shot on the long side. >> i have heard that somewhere before. if you took the letters away. haven't you heard that? >> right. >> that's a go-to thing for me.
5:41 pm
>> catch us every friday. and check out our website it's a yellen rally and treasury is stuck in a low rate world r jpmorgan ceo weighs in on which banks he thinks are the weakest. more "fast money" straight ahead. ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on thinkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪ from td ameritrade. at your ford dealer think? they think about tires. and what they've been through lately. polar vortexes,
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the health of u.s. banks versus european banks. telling a french newspaper that the major european banks are still lagging around the much healthier u.s. banking industry. karen? >> oh c'mon. >> yes, i think that's true. i don't think -- >> right. how hard is that, guys? any way, i do think what he says is true. i don't think they've addressed the unloading of the bad assets. >> in terms of europe, did you go in and buy ewg puts?
5:45 pm
>> yeah i felt like march was dominated by a lot of the ukrainian situation. and germany is one -- or the c sector performed. i mean you can see the news perk back up. >> stocks following the release of the minutes. investors saying rates won't raise. let's bring in head of securities. does your outlook change based on what we heard in the minutes? >> actually we have been of the view that the feds have got a drawn-out process and going to hike eventually. but not any time soon. the market thinking the hikes would come sooner and what we have heard, every single speaker is trying to reign in hike
5:46 pm
expectations. maybe there was on the job snafus that took place that they're going to hike after qe finishes in six months. i think this was taking it all back and trying to reset the markets and saying we'll hike at some point but not coming any time soon. >> so what's your forecast? >> it probably is the range we should expect for the foreseeable future. there's no reason we should break outside of those bans unless you get some deflationary shock or we get some more politic political risks. i mean, there's no rush to judgment on how rates can go. >> can rates go lower and with the stock market continuing to go higher? it's happened. it seems to be happening. can it continue to happen?
5:47 pm
>> the work has performed well even when stocks had multiple attempts for new highs in the last quarter. it is consistent rates can stay where they are. that's what the fed wants both to help out the economy and housing most notably. lower really requires a downfall in economic activity. just not there yet. >> i think the tlt is headed to 115. i know a lot of people disagree. i think 10-year rates are headed back down to mid to low 2's. i think there's a chance deflation has been the problem all along and you can't win that game. >> what's your odds on rates going down to the 2's? >> the odds are decent. and it can come from china weakness, it can come from
5:48 pm
europe getting back on the radar from a negative point of view. there's enough reasons why tens going under two than above 3%. >> 2% yields are great for stocks. but stocks are up at 50% and we're at all time highs. can you imagine if the 10 was back at 2%? i don't know how we could exist with rates going back down there. >> that's why i asked the question about -- >> i'm just trying to finish. >> so you do -- >> yeah. >> your doom and gloom out of me. it's thursday night. i'm good. >> thursday night? >> whatever. even better. right. coming up next, we are trading your top tweets plus the traders
5:49 pm
give their final tweet of the day up next. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates.
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. let's go to market flash. imperva is down 30%. >> yeah, the debacle is imperva. and enterprise getting creamed after issuing an earnings warning. imperva says delayed orders and intensified competition cut into revenues and raised losses. shares down better than 30% after hours. >> he's been waiting to -- do it. >> the stock was not impervious. >> that is so obvious. >> i'll be here all week. >> one more day. >> go to semantic for instance. >> reason you say that, wise guy -- when the ceo resigns, what did we say? we said capitulation day. you're going to hear a lot of whispers take over. well you haven't heard take
5:53 pm
over. you have heard activist and that is north of 20 now. how's that one for you? >> pete? >> 60 million ka pit lakes i think. >> there you go. >> were you in on that trade at all? >> no. >> have you been in on fireeye? >> not on fireeye. i still love those companies. i think there's a separation between the good and bad. are you shaking your head at me? >> he like grimaced like he smells something rotten going on. >> f 5 networks. i like this name. >> make the expression again. >> he goes like this. >> guys, i got to tell you -- >> that's what it sounded like. >> imperva went up 100%. this is not normal action. all this stuff that people had a field day with over three, six months was all bubble talk.
5:54 pm
you can hear it. listen. the air is coming out right now. i just don't think you need to bottom fish some of this stuff. >> it's a really good one. i am serious about this even though he was smug with me earlier. but there are names in the same industry where they sky to the up side and don't have the true earnings to support the levels and other names not overpriced in the same industry. >> of course. >> exuberance. can we use that phrase? >> you just did. >> good energy. good energy from dan. dan is grumpy today. guy, midland company had new high food group strong. is it time to buy? >> time to buy, it's been a while. tim has talked about it. they report earnings at the end of the month. it's not an expensive stock. but levels approaching back in
5:55 pm
'08. you got to start to be pairing down risk, not adding to. >> this one is for karen. we get this question a lot. >> we do. >> anyway, which class of google shares would be a better buy, class a or c? >> this question, it does not matter. if you just -- you know, it's a $567 stock or a $566 or whatever it is. buy the cheaper one. if you're going to hold on to it for a long time, it just doesn't matter. >> this one is for dan. grumpy dan. >> grumpy dan. >> for solfslr weekly calls, is there a high strategy? >> if you believe in the company, you believe in the story. offmay want to buy in like longer dated calls. the streets seem pretty --
5:56 pm
investors are prettied bulled up on this thing. analysts are not. closer to 60 is probably a good entry. >> this one is for pete. buy, sell or hold mankind. >> i love the stock. i love the story. i think if you're going to be in something like this, obviously crazy biotech world, $4 stock to $8 stock to $4 stock. being options, yes. i think it's going high. >> coming up next, promising finds in america's latest energy discovery have helped magnum resources stock double. get with the ceo to find out if there is more with this move here. stay tuned. tdd# 1-888-628-2419 searching for trade ideas that spark your curiosity
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6:00 pm
night? anthony? >> stud muffin. >> he mentioned delta specifically. i think it continues its rise. >> it's the sense. >> there you go. >> all right. i'm melissa lee, thanks so much fo meantime, "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you money. my job isn't just to entertain but to teach you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. or tweet me @jimcramer. what stops a sell-off in its tracks?


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